About iMigraine

"Migraine-a common disease that affects 38 million men, women and children alone in US "

It is a public health issue with serious social and economic repercussions.

iMigraine is a simple migraine journal and tracking app designed to help you keep track of your migraines, migraine medication , pain medications, headaches.It is designed using inputs and feedbacks from medicine practitioners , general physicians who require a simple and effective tool for their patients. iMigraine is designed to help patients record their ongoing migraines, medications taken and keep a general note for the doctors so that whenever they visit their doctorsthey can provide him with the complete report. iMigraine provides easy to understand and intuitive dashboard and graphs to see when you had your last migraine, avg. duration , medication effect and many other informative details. It also has detailed reports on migraines and medications which can be given to doctors for better understanding of your migraines and treatment.