remedies of Migraine
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Home remedies of Migraine

1. Cool It Down

Put an ice pack on your forehead, scalp, or neck to get pain relief. Experts aren’t sure exactly why it works, but reducing the flow of blood might be part of it. You can also try a frozen gel pack or a wash cloth that’s been rinsed in cold water.

2. Over-the-Counter Drugs

You don’t need a prescription to get painkillers like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen. You can also buy migraine remedies that have a combination of pain relievers.

3.  Caffeine

It’s an ingredient in coffee and some other foods and drinks, and it may give you some mild relief. It could also help your body absorb some migraine drugs faster. But go easy. You can get dependent on your caffeine jolt, which can lead to withdrawal symptoms like fatigue and more headaches.

4.  A Dark, Quiet Room

Bright light and loud noises can make your headache worse. So find a spot away from the action and pull down the shades when you’ve got a migraine. It can help speed up your recovery.

5.  Exercise

Don’t try it when you’re in the middle of a migraine attack, because it can make you hurt more. But when you feel well, a regular workout can prevent headaches. It makes your body release endorphins, chemicals that fight pain. It also eases stress and helps you sleep better.

6.  Magnesium

Find this mineral in dark-green veggies, whole grains, and nuts. It won’t help while you’re having a migraine, but some studies show it could prevent one. You can also take it in pill form, but always check with your doctor before you take supplement.

7.  Sleep Well

Get some regular shut-eye to help stave off migraines. Too little — or too much — can trigger headaches and lower your threshold for pain. Aim for 7 to 8 hours each night, and try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

8.  Yoga

Exercise that gets your heart pumping can prevent migraines, but it can also be a headache trigger for some people. This activity, though, with its slower movements, is a safe alternative. Research shows that regular yoga sessions cut the number of attacks you get and make them less intense when they do happen.

9  Vitamin B2

It’s also called riboflavin, and you can find it in milk, cheese, fish, and chicken. You can also take it as a pill. Studies show it may help you prevent migraines.

10  Manage Your Triggers

Your migraines are sometimes set off by the food you eat or the conditions around you. Find out what brings on your pain and avoid it. Some common trouble spots on the menu are red wine, aged cheese, and cured meats. Bright lights, staying at a high altitude and strong odors can also be issues.

11  Butterbur

Most of People have used this plant for years to treat pain. When researchers looked at all the evidence, they found that taking the extract reduced the number and intensity of headaches for some people.

Home Remedies of migraine

Home Remedies
  • Migraine treatments are the same all over the world. Nothing is India specific.

1. Avoid sunlight. Wear very dark colored sunglasses before stepping out in the sun and remove them after entering the building.

2. Don’t go hungry for too long.

3. Avoid loud music.

4. Avoid caffeine and aged cheese.

5. Spot your triggers. My sister’s migraine trigger was banana! Yours could be anything like nuts, a vegetable, a particular smell, a season or weather etc. oSr nothing at all.

6. Exercise 5 times a week. It releases hormones which are natural pain killers.

7. See a neurophysician and if necessary, he will put you on prescription medicine to avoid the occurrence of the migraine attack.

8. Practice yoga, pranayam and meditation every day.

  • Migraine treatment is almost same all over the world, if you follow the old traditional form of migraine treatment. In this form of treatment your disease will only get cured on a temporary basis and for a short period of time. The general allopathic medicines also sometime leave you with major side effects.
  • In this case naturopathy will be very helpful to get the best migraine treatment where your migraine treatment is done with the help of your own healing power and with the use of natural ways. Some of the best naturopathy center like Jindal Nature cure; Five Lotus Indo German, etc. will surely help you if you take consultation from their specialists.
  • The best Migraine treatment is provided in the Arya Vaidya sala hospital. It is located in Kerala and in Baddi near Chandigarh.
  • They have a team of experienced Ayurvedic doctors. They study about each and every patient in depth and find out the problem. Then they start their proper treatment.
  • Now they also set up their branch in Baddi, Chandigarh. It is also important to change your lifestyle by starting exercises, meditation, and improving eating habits.

The best home remedies of relief migraine:

(1)Complete cure for migraine which can be of years old. Early morning take one spoonful of black sesame seeds and sauté dry on an iron pan till they pop little and then chew them slowly on empty stomach and drink one glass of water and wait for an hour to have breakfast. Do this for 21 days.99% of people will be cured with this simple remedy. In case if you get migraine headache after 21 days course which is rare, take a break of days and again follow for 21 days. 100% cure for migraine. Wishing you happy and healthy life.

(2)Boil 5 gm ginger in a cup of water, cool filter and drink. Put 1 tsp ginger powder in water, heat and inhale steam. Soak 2 or 3 jilebis in milk before going to bed and eat at 3 am. Take equal quantities of coriander seeds, aniseeds and crystal sugar and powder. Add 1 tsp in a glass of water and drink thrice a day. Shadow dry Tulasi leaves and powder. Take ¼ tsp of this powder with honey morning and at night.

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